Filled with things you probably shouldn't eat right now. Slide film again.



While we're talking about things I did for the first time, this one's from the first ever slide film I exposed "in earnest" - a roll of Ektachrome 100VS. So, I'm obviously a) still experimenting and b) still playing with color. And, yeah, let's just forget what I wrote here...



More trees, although it doesn't look like a jungle this time. Taken at the A7.



No comment.



Another view out of a train window. What I like here is how the cabin's interior is "projected" onto the lake.


Escalator up

I seem to have a tendency to repeat titles lately.


The second umbrella

We had the first one almost exactly a year ago. What I totally missed is that the picture from Wednesday was the 300th posting in this blog already. Please imagine you heard some kind of fanfare two days ago.

And this one is the third (gasp!) color picture in a row - something almost unthinkable a few weeks ago. Plus, it's a first in two different ways, but I won't bother you with technical stuff today.


Sailing boats

More color. And like yesterday's picture, this is actually old stuff. What makes it "new" is the post-processing treatment I applied after ignoring these photos for quite some time.


Do not enter, again

I had a photo with the same title here more than a year ago and coincidentally it was also taken in Boston - even on the same day.

Yep, the first color picture in 2011. I had to work a bit on this one until it looked the way I wanted it to look and surprisingly that made me fancy color again. Don't be surprised if you see more of this soon. You already noticed that I'm currently in an experimental phase, didn't you?



My first ever diptych. And in case you were wondering: none of this was arranged or posed in any way.

Shot, by the way, neither with the new Holga nor with one of the Leicas. And the film wasn't Tri-X either...