Two dogs

This is not the first photo I ever took, but I think it's the first one I really liked and I still like it. Why, I can't really say, it's probably because of the interplay of lines and shadows and the perspective and the movement of the dog on the right.

Obviously, this wasn't a planned photo. If I remember correctly I was there (the photo was taken at the Maschsee in Hanover) with my girlfriend, probably sitting on a park bench, saw the dogs and took this snapshot. It was the only photo I took of this scene.

That was in February 1995 and the camera was a Nikon FM2 - my first camera and the only one I had at that time. The only lens I had (and thus the one I used) was a 50/1.8 Nikkor. Film was Ilford Delta 400 which I developed myself in ID-11. This was the 20th roll of film I had done since I started with photography about a year earlier.