A nice hat in a train in New Jersey.


Skewed dog

Let me throw in another dog, somewhat similar to this one.


Backyard ritual

After quite some time, a view out of a hotel window again. This time, it's the Ace hotel in New York, and the photo was taken exactly nine years after 9/11.

The title is the name of a song from Miles Davis' "Tutu" album, BTW.


Brooklyn Bridge

I've been on this bridge a couple of times already, but I never took a photo of it that I liked. This one, from last week, is the first one.


Fire lane

I love this one for its tonal values although otherwise there probably isn't much to write home about.


An old favorite

This one has been hanging on my wall as a real (i.e. "wet") print for years and moved with us to three different flats. I'm not sure why it took me so long to show it here.

This is a streetcar you've already seen.



Again, actually. This time I spotted him in Akko.


The theme, maybe

I've recently shown a couple of photos which are maybe kind of nice or funny but not really good pictures as far as I am concerned. I partially did this because some people actually asked me to revive the blog after the long summer break and I was flattered enough to do that.

But I generally agree with Mike Johnston that it's a worthwhile idea to shoot to a theme. At least I think that would be something I should personally strive for. And one of the goals of this blog was to help me in identifying such a theme. I thought about this in the last days and I might actually be up to something now. Not really sure yet (have to ponder this a bit more), but it has got to do with concepts like proof and evidence. And apparently windows and reflections play an important role and that's why I dug this one out from a few months ago. Let's see how this'll develop. (Pun intended.)


Partly shorn

I always thought that I didn't know about Shaun the Sheep before 2007, but this photo proves that we briefly met in 1998 already.


The Sea of Galilee

As seen from the Golan Heights - if I remember correctly. The guy with the megaphone is a professor of mathematics who gave us a tour while we attended a conference on logic and set theory in Haifa.

The hand on the right side of the photo of course wasn't intended to be there, but immediately when I saw it on the contact sheet, I knew I liked it.



They have pretty narrow streets here, I thought when I took this photo. I probably wouldn't park my Taunus there if I had one.


While you were art

Slightly cropped. For the title, see here.