The theme, maybe

I've recently shown a couple of photos which are maybe kind of nice or funny but not really good pictures as far as I am concerned. I partially did this because some people actually asked me to revive the blog after the long summer break and I was flattered enough to do that.

But I generally agree with Mike Johnston that it's a worthwhile idea to shoot to a theme. At least I think that would be something I should personally strive for. And one of the goals of this blog was to help me in identifying such a theme. I thought about this in the last days and I might actually be up to something now. Not really sure yet (have to ponder this a bit more), but it has got to do with concepts like proof and evidence. And apparently windows and reflections play an important role and that's why I dug this one out from a few months ago. Let's see how this'll develop. (Pun intended.)

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