Working the situation

I have an ongoing debate with Olaf about working the situation during which I quite vigorously took up a position against chimping and argued that you can't take the same photo twice anyway.

Of course, I went over the top a bit for the sake of "philosophical clarity." While I generally like Eggleston's attitude of shooting each subject only once, I certainly sometimes try different viewpoints, angles, f-stops, or distances. And there are even cases where I return to the scene of the crime later and pick up where I left.

This is one such example that I already worked on about three weeks ago. It's the same building and I used the same camera, the same lens, and the same film to take a photo from almost the same place. But enough things have changed (including the house itself) to definitely make this a very different picture. Whether that makes it a new one or only a variation of the old one, I'll let you decide.

I'll likely work this "situation" even more...

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