The entrance to the changing room of my gym in Hamburg. Taken last Monday - which makes this the first photo from 2010 and I think the photo with the shortest lag between exposure and posting so far.

It's also the first photo on this blog that I've shot with my new M7. It's a used one (from 2001), of course, and I swapped it for my M8.2 three weeks ago. Economically, that's certainly a disaster, but for me it was an important step towards concentrating more on "classical" film photography and I felt like Lucky Hans after I left the store.

Speaking of photos which rhyme with each other, this one seems like one that could be paired with one I posted two days ago. I always liked the idea of rhymes in photography. Just the other day, I was reading Wim Wenders's foreword to Sylvia Plachy's Signs and Relics again where he describes how he "discovered" that photos can rhyme. A good foreword for a very nice book from a great photographer.

The lens was the 35mm Summicron, film was Tri-X which I developed in HC-110.

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