Leaving port

Winogrand was accused of always holding the camera at a tilt in order to introduce "graphical dynamism" into his photos. Yeah, maybe, but sometimes a skewed horizon really helps to make a picture - at least in my opinion. This here's from the Staten Island Ferry while leaving Manhattan.

Taken in 1998 with the M4-P on Tri-X.

If I counted correctly, this is the 100th post on this blog. I spent a bit of time finding a picture to fit this "anniversary". As I said in its description, the blog was intended to make me think about photography on a daily basis. It has, over the last months and due to some discussions ensuing from it, become pretty clear to me that a) it will have to end sooner or later and b) there will be something coming after it (but maybe not on the Internet) with the blog having been a stepping stone into the new direction. I believe that the photo from today exemplifies in several ways (that I won't discuss here and probably can't put into words yet anyway) where I'm heading.

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