Another hole in the head

Although I started with one of my earliest photos, I certainly wasn't intending to continue chronologically. This one here was shot almost four years later in New York City. I tend to think that it was characteristic for a lot of my photos at that time (and maybe today as well) - it is graphical and at the same time depicts an everyday urban motif, a bit like an objet trouvé.

I have two almost identical versions of this shot. One is at the very end of one film while the other one is the first one on the next film, so that was obviously only a safety measure.

The camera was a Leica M4-P - which I had bought used in the fall of 1995 (selling my FM2 for it) - with a 35mm Summicron lens. This is likely the combination the vast majority of my photos so far have been taken with.

Film is Kodak Tri-X developed by a local lab. I stopped developing films myself when I left university in 1997.

Update: On September 26, 2011 this picture was published here

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