Door without chair and staircase

Several years after taking this photo I saw Josef Sudek's pictures of his studio window for the first time.  I'm not claiming that my shot comes anywhere near Sudek's wonderful images, but at least this must have been what I tried at that time, albeit probably without knowing consciously.

Taken in December 1994 on the island of Møn which belongs to Denmark. I think I was there with a couple of friends for New Year's Eve. Camera was the Nikon FM2 with the 50/1.8 lens, film was Ilford Delta 100 developed in Ilfosol.

Yes, I told you the photo with the two dogs was the first one I really liked although this one's older.  The reason is that I only "discovered" this one several years later when I scanned some of my old films.  I like it now (although I still prefer the two dogs) and maybe with traditional analog means I would never have been able to create a decent print from this photo.

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