Window shopping in color

And now, as they say, for something completely different. Here's a photo which is a) in color and b) a digital one. I only started shooting digital in the second half of 2008 after buying a Leica M8.2 and only after working digitally for a while did it ever occur to me to try my luck at color.

Although the most important factor for me probably was my "discovery" of Saul Leiter.  His photos, and subsequently those of others like for example William Eggleston or Helen Levitt, taught me how beautiful color photos can be - something I had ignored for almost twenty years...

This particular shot was taken in Genoa on July 5 this year.  I had a spare Sunday before I had to give a talk at a conference the next day and strolled through the sunny city enjoying its beautiful buildings and colors.  This is a view into a shop window and I like how the reflections render the picture kind of mysterious. The photo itself is uncropped and hasn't been modified except for slight adjustments to the tone curve and the saturation.  I have to admit I forgot which lens I used - might have been my old 50mm Summicron.  ISO is 160.

One other thing that might be worth mentioning is that on this day I really adhered to the discipline of taking only one shot per motif and of not chimping.  It's my way of trying to work like in the olden (analog) days and I don't always succeed.  But if I do I always realize afterwards that it's the right way of shooting for me.

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