When doves eat

The photos I've shown so far were from several different venues, but none of them was from Hamburg where I live. Time to change that. Here's one that I took in December 1995, about a year before I moved there.

I was near the city hall when I spotted an odd couple feeding birds (mostly doves) out of about a dozen plastic bags they had with them. There were times when they were literally covered with birds but they seemed totally immersed in this activity, enjoying it very much. I was attracted by the strangeness of the scene and shot more than a roll of Tri-X in maybe half an hour. The two were aware of what I was doing, but they didn't seem to care or maybe they even posed pretending not to pose.

The net result definitely was more than one photo worth keeping, so I'll likely show more of this scene in the future. Camera was the M4-P with the 50mm Summicron.

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