Not too abstract

I already mentioned Saul Leiter. He - more than anyone else - inspired me to look for colors, patterns, and reflections. It's an interesting challenge to find a good combination of these that on the one side results in a painterly, almost abstract picture but on the other hand is still a photograph in the sense that it actually depicts something you can recognize. And, at least for me, it should be an objet trouvĂ© (as opposed to, say, something you arranged in a studio) or else I don't care.

This one here is a view into a shop window in my hometown Hamburg. Certainly not a Leiter and not where I want to be, but it's a step into the right direction.

Shot on July 26, 2009 with the G1 at ISO 320 using the kit zoom at 41mm with the aperture set to f/10.

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