Not really Mondrian

When I was in Cambridge again in May, I found a used Panasonic G1 in a local shop for a very good price. I was allowed to try it out for a week, so the next day (when I didn't have to work) I drove to Quincy and spent half a day there to take photos with the G1. I like this one from a door near the train station because of its simplicity and its geometrical sternness. As I already said in the headline this is not a Mondrian nor did I think of him when I shot the picture, but when I looked at it later, I thought there was a very faint relationship. Well, or maybe not...

Anyway, I kept the camera (and, sigh, didn't use it much since). Lens was the kit zoom at 24mm, and the photo was taken at ISO 100 with the aperture set to f/4.8. May 16, 2009.

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