Vamos a la playa

In 1995, I was in Israel for three weeks. While I enjoyed most of the country very much, I found the beach of Tel Aviv strangely repellent, especially the way to the beach of which I took this photo (and two others which are similar). I'm not sure anymore (I once was) whether this is one of my better pictures, but there's still a good reason to add it to this blog:

Nine years later I sold it (together with a couple of others) to an advertising agency which used it to illustrate a story for an in-house magazine of BMW. OK, the photos were chosen because I knew the graphical designer who did the magazine and I had long since given up my plans to become a pro photographer, but still I was kind of proud of this. Other photos from the same spread will follow in the next weeks.

Taken at the end of August with the Nikon and the 50/1.8, film was Tri-X developed in Agfa Rodinal.

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